As upstream companies adjust to ever-changing conditions, thoughtful application of data science and advanced analytics is essential to maximizing the value of capital investments and subject matter experts to stay competitive

Search millions of logs for multivariate patterns and visualize results across the entire globe in less than ten minutes

An independent oil and gas operator uses the patented* logs analysis functionality embedded in First Oil, and leverages the power of distributed cloud computing, to perform pattern matching over global data sets in minutes (* Patent Pending ).

Achieve industry leading geoscientific predictions in minutes by using enhanced structured learning algorithms on thousands of geospatial datasets

An independent oil and gas operator uses structured machine learning algorithm to identify overlooked reserves using complex geological datasets

Automate master data discovery with machine learning to reconcile large geospatial and transactional data from multiple data sources

An independent oil and gas operator integrates well information from eight different sources to create “golden master records” of more than a million wells with less than one hour of computation time