DeepIQ Services

DeepIQ offers not only applications built on open source platforms, but services including advanced analytics and big data software development. Our customers have realized ROI at 8 - 12x efficiency gains in their big data programs because of this end-to-end capability.

Strategic Consulting

Data is a powerful asset of the enterprise and Analytics is the most efficient way of contributing to an organization’s bottom line. To maximize the value of your company’s data, We can help you develop a comprehensive data strategy that addresses your organization’s needs across multiple dimensions.

Big Data Software Services

We have industry leading experts with a demonstrable track record of delivering complex software products over the hadoop infrastructure that scales to petabyte size of data. Our expertise spans the entire hadoop ecosystem including hive, spark, hbase, cascading, map-reduce and related technologies.

Advanced Analytics

We have proven expertise in industrial advanced analytics including the emerging field of deep learning. Our team publishes in the most competitive journals in this domain and is responsible for some cutting edge breakthroughs. Our expertise spans machine learning including deep learning, time series analytics and natural language processing

One Stop Solution

Go from concept to product, in many cases, by up to 90% lesser time. Our out of the box building blocks allow you to focus on challenges unique to your problem. No more dozens of disparate software applications and complex integrations. DeepIQ provides a one stop shop for the entire analytic workflow: from data ingestion across 100s of communication protocols to workflow management.