DeepIQ Time Series Ingestion

You can seamlessly plug any telemetric source or sensor into your data lake so you can execute machine learning algorithms, perform exploratory and descriptive analytics.

DeepIQ TimeSeries Ingestion

Universal Connectivity

You can connect to any industrial source using our Edge software that can translate multiple industrial protocols or leverage inexpensive middleware.

Highly Scalable

DeepIQ TSI scales both to the velocity and volumes of industrial data sources leveraging the distribution capabilities of Hadoop.

Native Analytic Support

Perform advanced analytics without expensive data movement leveraging the native capabilities of Hadoop.

Open Source Based

DeepIQ’s Time Series Ingestion connects to your time series data with your favorite open source data science tool.


Our client is able to perform real-time drilling operations monitoring by connecting 25 offshore drill ships and jack-ups, streaming up to 6000 tags per second per rig for our client who can now monitor real time drilling operations and deploy customized machine learning applications to the rig site.