DeepIQ Relational Ingestion

You can automate the creation of your data lake from your relational data sources like Sequel, Oracle, SAP and OpenWorks without writing a single line of code.

DeepIQ Relational Ingestion

100% Automation

No more manual scripting for scheduling and ingesting relational data into the data lake. Our drag & drop UI will generate 10x time efficacy guides.

Automatic Column Mapping

Worry-free mapping of your relational sources to a Hadoop schema. Our software automatically maps file formats and data types for you.

Scheduling and Monitoring

Scheduling the data jobs is quick and error free using the Web UI. And our advanced monitoring tools will ensure everything is running smoothly.


DeepIQ’s Relational Ingestion comes with a suite of dashboard and reporting tools, so you can easily monitor the progress of your scheduled jobs.


A DeepIQ client replaced an Enterprise Data Warehouse with DeepIQ and a Hadoop data lake. It was completely implemented in just a few months, and they are now migrating 4000 tables daily.