DeepIQ Real Time Drilling Optimization

DeepIQ’s Real Time Drilling Optimization provides in-the-field data collection, analysis, and solution-oriented reporting for precision drilling operations. The productivity of your drilling equipment is critical. Data Science tools and expertise from DeepIQ can deliver tangible and specific direction from your drill sites, wherever they are.

Real Time

Learn from today's data, under today's conditions, and have actionable insights toward your current operations at one site, and at every site.

Identify Inefficiencies

Discover short-term or long-term inefficiencies in your drilling operations, and make adjustments in real time.

Real World

DeepIQ’s Real Time Drill Optimization solutions apply to drilling operations at sea or on land, large operations or small, optimal conditions or in the unique environments drilling often endures.


Field personnel get the information they need, on-the-ground, when they need it, while leadership gets the higher level data from all of their sites that informs important decisions at each level.


A DeepIQ client replaced an Enterprise Data Warehouse with DeepIQ and a Hadoop data lake. It was completely implemented in just a few months, and they are now migrating 4000 tables daily.