DeepIQ Real Time Analytics

DeepIQ’s Real Time Analytics platform allows for seamless development and deployment of your machine learning models against your telemetric streaming or batch data sources. Predicting the future has never been this easy.

DeepIQ Real Time Analytics

Highly Scalable

DeepIQ’s Real Time Analytics platform is able to scale to thousands of users, allowing you to expose your results to the full team in the production environment.

Easy Deployment

Once the models have been refined and run against your streaming or batch data, deployment is a button push and a simple URL.

Streaming Visualization

Integrates with DeepIQ Time Series Ingestion to pull data from virtually any Telemetric data source and displays streaming data graphically in real time.

Plug & Play your Data Models

You can use your own models to help predict the future by simply importing them into the interface and clicking run. No complex integrations required.


The power and versatility of our real-time-analytics allows an E&P client to calculate bit wear in real-time, while another client monitors the performance of their drilling operations, also in real-time.