DeepIQ Prognostics and Health Management

See Black Swan events before your business is impacted with forewarning of impending equipment failures and use machine learning to optimize your production.

Minimize Downtime

Downtime is expensive. Unplanned downtime is a catastrophe. Predict repairs and schedule maintenance before it's a repair.

Optimize Actions

With on-line optimization routines, see which maintenance approaches (and which manufacturers) perform best.

Improve Safety

Provide assurance to your workforce that their equipment is in top condition, and spare the risks involved in emergency repairs.

Customize Detection Points

From fuel consumption to kick detection, or anything in between, collect the data that is most relevant, and transform it into actionable insight.


Fortune 1000 company implemented DeepIQ’s PHM for predictive health maintenance on their Refineries. Using the Forecasting and Optimization features, the customer realized a 3% increase in production with $60MM of potential annual impact.