DeepIQ FirstOil(TM Pending)

Identify overlooked sweet spots and give your geologists a huge advantage by identifying formations across thousands of wells in minutes rather than months.

DeepIQ Log Analytics

Correlate Data

Correlate well data across thousands of wells, in groups that are easy to select, manage, and view.

Deep Learning

Leverage deep learning to identify markers and complex patterns from thousands of wells.

Efficient Asset Matching

Our powerful tools provide highly efficient, and easy to use, structural and stratigraphic matching.


DeepIQ Log Analysis tools have integration capabilities with leading geological modeling software.


An E&P client identifies tops across thousands of wells throughout entire basins, finding complex patterns in multiple well logs in minutes instead of months.

FirstOil(TM Pending)

In this video, we'll show you how to give your geoscience team a huge advantage with our exciting sub-surface application named FirstOil(TM Pending).

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