DeepIQ Data Transformation Software

You can populate your data lake automatically with this drag and drop ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) app for structured and unstructured sources without hiring a dozen consultants to write or maintain point-to-point code.

DeepIQ Data Transformation Software

Power & Speed

DeepIQ’s Data Transformation Software is based on Spark, which allows its use in parallel and distributed computation for scalability.

100% Automation

Creating an ETL job is no longer a time consuming tedious process. Our Web UI tool makes the task simple without writing any code.


DeepIQ’s Relational Ingestion comes with a suite of dashboard and reporting tools, so you can easily monitor the progress of your scheduled jobs.

Scheduling & Monitoring

Scheduling the data jobs is quick and error free using the Web UI. Next, the advanced monitoring tools will ensure everything is running smoothly.


DeepIQ's Data Transformation tools replaced a traditional data warehouse, allowing our client to create multiple business critical reports, change data capture, slow changing dimension modeling, and view historic data change