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Hyper Digital Twin(TM Pending)

Diagnostics – What is wrong with your asset?

You can detect, isolate, and identify faults before catastrophic failure with Analytics fed by real time asset information. You get diagnostics for both fully as well as sparsely instrumented assets using our Hyper Digital Twin(TM Pending) software.

Prognostics – What will go wrong with your asset?

Digital Twins are digital models of your real-world device or operation that mirror actual equipment or operating conditions so you can predict future real world events based on these digital representations.

Knowing what will go wrong with your asset and when it will happen shifts your business from reactive to proactive creating value on a much larger scale than diagnostics alone.

The hurdles blocking value from digital twins have been:

  • Development cost
  • Lack of failure data
  • Lack of sensor information

Each digital twin traditionally takes months to model and train and since a single plant have can hundreds or thousands of individual assets trying to create a digital model of each type of asset (Digital Clone for Pump A, Model X, Version Y) becomes a herculean task and maintaining them near impossible.

Our clients leapfrog these hurdles with our patent pending, disruptive new approach to AI; Hyper Digital Twin(TM Pending) is asset agnostic prognostic technology that works across a variety of mechanical equipment types (pumps, compressors, motor bearings, heat exchangers, etc.) making it deployable in days not months at a fraction of costs of other methods. More importantly our clients get better results from the models it creates; they see future failures other models miss - even when given only sparse data.

Prognostics and Health Management

See Black Swan events before your business is impacted with forewarning of impending equipment failures and use machine learning to optimize your production.

Minimize Downtime

Downtime is expensive. Unplanned downtime is a catastrophe. Predict repairs and schedule maintenance before it's a repair.

Optimize Actions

With on-line optimization routines, see which maintenance approaches (and which manufacturers) perform best.

Improve Safety

Provide assurance to your workforce that their equipment is in top condition, and spare the risks involved in emergency repairs.

Customize Detection Points

From fuel consumption to kick detection, or anything in between, collect the data that is most relevant, and transform it into actionable insight.


Real Time Optimization

DeepIQ provides in-the-field data collection, analysis, and solution-oriented reporting for precision drilling operations. The productivity of your drilling equipment is critical. Data Science tools and expertise from DeepIQ can deliver tangible and specific direction from your drill sites, wherever they are.

Real Time

Learn from today's data, under today's conditions, and have actionable insights toward your current operations at one site, and at every site.

Identify Inefficiencies

Discover short-term or long-term inefficiencies in your drilling operations, and make adjustments in real time.

Real World

DeepIQ’s Real Time Drill Optimization solutions apply to drilling operations at sea or on land, large operations or small, optimal conditions or in the unique environments drilling often endures.


Field personnel get the information they need, on-the-ground, when they need it, while leadership gets the higher level data from all of their sites that informs important decisions at each level.

Real Time Analytics

DeepIQ’s solution allows for seamless development and deployment of your machine learning models against your telemetric streaming or batch data sources. Predicting the future has never been this easy.

DeepIQ Real Time Analytics

Highly Scalable

DeepIQ’s Real Time Analytics platform is able to scale to thousands of users, allowing you to expose your results to the full team in the production environment.

Easy Deployment

Once the models have been refined and run against your streaming or batch data, deployment is a button push and a simple URL.

Streaming Visualization

Integrates with DeepIQ Time Series Ingestion to pull data from virtually any Telemetric data source and displays streaming data graphically in real time.

Plug & Play your Data Models

You can use your own models to help predict the future by simply importing them into the interface and clicking run. No complex integrations required.


Fortune 1000 company implemented DeepIQ’s PHM for predictive health maintenance on their Refineries. Using the Forecasting and Optimization features, the customer realized a 3% increase in production with $60MM of potential annual impact.

Asset Agnostic Predictive Health: A simplified way to the digital twin
Vishwanath Avasarala, PhD – CEO and Founder, DeepIQ, LLC

Digital Twin is a digital representation of your real-world device or operation that mirrors actual equipment or operating conditions. This concept wins a lot of press because the financial returns achievable over your equipment’s life cycle with predictive health and operational optimization can significantly improve your company’s EBITDA.

However, creating digital twins for your assets continues to be a costly affair. A typical refinery or plant has hundreds of assets. Modeling them in a robust manner is a herculean task. I have seen startups try to create a digital model of each type of asset (Digital Clone for Pump A, Model X, Version Y). Anyone who understands software lifecycle will understand the huge effort such an endeavor entails. This explains why many elaborate Predictive Health Management systems do not scale beyond a single asset.

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Edge Analytics: Eight Things You Need to Consider
Vishwanath Avasarala, PhD – CEO and Founder, DeepIQ, LLC

Making your edge points smarter with AI driven workflows can have a transformational capability on your enterprise. Those of you who have had experience with the DevOPs complexity for an analytics project will appreciate the myriad of challenges with managing software on thousands of devices even with a single installation.

The good news is with the right kind of technology, edge analytics can be effortless and powerful. Many of our customers are leveraging DeepIQ’s Real Time Analytics technology to perform edge analytics across various platforms and devices. Based on our experience in this domain, we are highlighting the design considerations you might want to think about, before you embark on this exciting journey.

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Prognostics and Health Management

In this video, we'll show you how to generate significant ROI for your company by implementing predictive health and optimization capabilities with Hyper Digital Twin(TM Pending).

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