Data Science Products that Work Together

DeepIQ provides an amazing suite of data science products, built to work together on an open-source platform. Our approach solves even the most difficult enterprise data problems while providing accelerated data analytics and allowing our customers to maintain their own data IP.

The DeepIQ Product Platform

How it Works

Ingest @ DeepIQ DeepIQ prebuilt libraries can connect to industrial, relational, unstructured and image data sources. No more dealing with complex communication protocols. DeepIQ edge software converts them to simple REST calls. Ingest @ DeepIQ Compress and encrypt your data streams Store @ DeepIQ Use DeepIQ optimized time-series analytical and transactional databases to store data at scale Query @ DeepIQ Use a unified query engine over the data layer to retrieve and integrate multi modal data Analyze @ DeepIQ Whether you are dealing with time series data from highly noisy sensor or multilingual unstructured data or streaming video use DeepIQ vast array of "plug and play" to make sure you have state of the art algorithms working for you Optimize @ DeepIQ Use our proprietary grid search algorithm to fine tune your analytic workflows. Minimize the human in the loop factor for optimizing the selection of analytic models and their parameters Deploy @ DeepIQ Push analytical workflows to the edge streaming entire or batch workflows. Schedule and manage the workflow using our intuitive browser based graphical interface Secure @ DeepIQ Encrypt both data at rest and data in motion. Control access at row level granularity. Integrate to your corporate active directory for authentication > < API > ` ` ` ` />